Kris Cho

CIMA Chartered Accountant & Director at BH1 Accounting

Kris Cho is a CIMA-licensed chartered accountant based in Vauxhall, London, offering accounting services to sole traders, private limited companies, SME owners and entrepreneurs.

Having worked with large companies as a chartered accountant in London and other parts of the UK, Kris has helped all kinds of business owners maximise profits and boost business building activities.

His acumen and experience go well beyond the usual help with filing returns or assisting people in understanding Self Assessment, for example. He is a commercial accountant at heart – business-focused and highly analytical in his approach to help clients understand the current risks they face, how to build better business awareness and how to capitalise on profit maximising opportunities.

Having a bi-lingual background further helps Kris in catering to a broad range of businesses – from clients in the hospitality and tourism industry, to those running major e-commerce and cryptocurrency businesses – just to name a few.

Kris’s firm is all about nurturing closely knit relationships with clients – working with them to understand how their business works and what their circumstances as well as needs are, so that bespoke support, advice and guidance can be tailored.

Prior to launching BH1 Accounting in Vauxhall, Kris has held a number of accounting roles in large and reputable firms over the years. Since the firm’s inception, Kris’ friendly approach and easy-going character, along with his passion to help others, has led to a rapidly growing client base.